Assertionerror null android studio

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2019-08-18 15:19

I want to use assert obj! null: object cannot be null on Android device. The assert doesn't seem to work, so I searched online and I found this local solution: adb shell setprop debug. assepublic AssertionError (boolean detailMessage) Constructs an AssertionError with its detail message derived from the specified boolean, which is converted to a string assertionerror null android studio

I thought it was only in android studio, in this case i agree with you, they have to make a fix The workaround we used here to keep the team working was using the version of android studio, maven works perfectly in this version. But with the first official release of android studio i really think it will be good to switch to gradle to

assertionerror null android

Android Studio Google Play Android Jetpack Docs Blog Documentation Thrown when an application attempts to use null in a case where an object is required. These include: Calling the instance method of a null object. Accessing or modifying the field of a null object. Taking the length of null as if it were an array. Accessing or modifying the slots of null I had the same issue but on Windows 7 OS. Apparently Android Studio had no idea where the Android SDK folder was located. You can set this location under File Project Structure SDK Location or use CtrlAltShiftS then SDK Location .assertionerror null android studio I been looking at this question, and I thought it would be a good idea of using assert only in debug build. Is there any thing special that I need to configure in Android Studio

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After installing android studio, it is necessary to set up the needed path variables. So in your Path variable add an path to the android sdk, you can find your sdkpath by running android studio and selecting the SDK manager and up at the top there will be your path variable for the android sdk, copy that location and then add it to your path. assertionerror null android studio Start Android Studio, close any open project. On the right side, click on Configure Settings. ; On the left side, in CompilerGradle set VM Options to Xmx512m; Press OK, then create a project. Worked for me. also because of that