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Aug 12, 2014  Introduction: Import and Export Contacts Between Cellphone and Windows 8 Using Bluetooth By OstrichCraft Follow Using Bluetooth to transfer contacts between cellphone and computer is both convenient and reliable. It saves you the trouble of finding the appropriate cable and proprietary software, and allows you to exchange phone bookThe persons contact information appears for you to edit. Click the Save icon. The People app updates your contacts list, both in the app itself and the online account where that contact is stored. Edit a Gmail contact in the People app, for example, and Gmail also reflects the changes. edit phonebook on windows phone

Aug 12, 2015 I am trying to format a windows phone so I can change the original account, since one can not change it wo doing a full reset to the phone. Funny thing is, this device does not belong to me but a 83 year old lady and she can not remember her original account details.

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People change there phone numbers all the time. If you have someone change their phone number you have to manually retype all the information again delete the app redownload it and then manually type it all back in the phonebook. Apr 28, 2013 Click your phone icon, tap the phonebook icon, find your contact and select it, tap the at the bottom of the page and select edit .edit phonebook on windows phone Its easy to delete or edit a contact in the Windows 8 People app. If someone has fallen from your social graces or just changed their phone number, you can make edits by following these steps: 1 Click the People tile on the Start screen. The People app appears. 2 Click a contact. The contacts page appears fullscreen. 3 Rightclick a

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Specially created for people with a lot of contacts on their phone but who want a simple way to phone (or text) just the ones they have a phone number for. View just your contacts that have a phone number. Do you wish that Windows Phone had a way to just view the contacts that have a phone number? Well now, with Phone Book you can do edit phonebook on windows phone Mar 29, 2012  You can alternatively rightclick on a contact and choose Edit or doubleclick on the contact entry. You can now edit all contact details such as phone numbers, emails, address, etc. Have a look at the video below to see CopyTrans Contacts powerful edit engine in action. The function edits an existing phonebook entry. The function displays a dialog box in which the user can modify the existing information. The function displays a dialog box in which the user can modify the existing information. Feel painful to edit the contacts on the tiny keyboard of the smart phone? This tutorial will show you an easy way to edit the Android contacts on the computer accurately and fast by using the best Android Contacts Editor app.