Iphone 4 mic repair cost

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2019-12-13 09:34

Our iPhone 4 microphone repair does not include repairing any other part of the device. If you think the impact any other parts of your iPhone 4 are damaged, we recommend booking it in for our diagnostic service; All of our UKJun 05, 2013 There are two possible causes for your described problem, either the mic is toast or the dock assembly is. In most cases it is the latter, the flat cable running from the dock assembly becomes dislodged by bumps or falling. Repair is likely to be 75 to 100 USD if they use original spare parts. iphone 4 mic repair cost

Well iMend. com, the UKs leading nationwide mobile phone Repair Company can provide a solution to restore your iPhone 4 back to its crowning glory. iMend. com can repair almost any fault with your iPhone 4.

iphone mic repair

The iPhone 4 microphone is a part of the dock flex cable. The dock flex includes the microphone and the charging port. If there is a problem with either of them, this repair will usually fix the problem. MailIn Repairs for Apple iPhone 6 Microphone Repair We also perform Apple iPhone 6 Microphone Repair for mailin repairs. Simply click the mailiniphone 4 mic repair cost Microphone Repair Cost The costs can vary depending on the model of the phone, the damage and whether the mouthpiece can be repaired or needs to be replaced completely. Mechanical problems with the phone that have not been caused by the user are usually fixed under the warranty of the phone with no cost to the customer.

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Jun 24, 2010 iPhone 4 Dock Connector Replacement: Replace a broken dock connector in your iPhone 4. Menu. iPhone repair is complex, but doable and has very few traps . i successfully installed the main mic on my iPhone 4, which for some reason just stopped workingnow it works! ! thanx ifixit. iphone 4 mic repair cost Is your iPhone 4 microphone not working? This function can affect both phone conversations, voice control, and recordings, don't wait another minute to have your iPhone 4 microphone repaired! iPhone 4 Teardown. . from looking at the teardown the 2 mics are 1) on the dock at the bottom, 2) attached to the proximitylight sensor at the top. take a look then go and google or ebay the part. . ie proximity or dock. This repair is appropriate to order for any color, or carrier (AT& T, TMobile, Verizon, Sprint, or International Carrier) of your iPhone 6. All models of the iPhone 6 use the same microphone module inside.