Dangerous mobile phone usage

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2019-09-19 14:41

Fears over the use of mobile phones has centred on brain heating , but Dr Hyland said the real risk was with low intensity radiation, known as nonthermal radiation.Not surprisingly, the findings showed that the most significant predictor of dangerous mobile phone usage was answering text messages while driving. Incoming alerts triggered dangerous usage. Conversely, initiating dangerous mobile phone usage

Are mobile phones dangerous? All the independentlyfunded studies that included long term users have found an association between mobile phone use and an increased risk of brain tumours amongst adults Some studies have found that people who have used mobile phones for more than a decade have 200 more brain tumours, and only on

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Mobile Phone is Dangerous. Purpose: Highlighting the dangers of continuous use of mobile phones on health and work related activities. General dangers of mobile phone usage: Mobile phone users and other people sorrounding them are subject to the following dangers; Health Risk: the electromagnetic radiation generated from the phone Health hazards of mobile phone# 10: Stress: The general desperate nature of people to be available 247 on their mobiles is responsible to their exponentially increasing stress levels. So, the next time you use your mobile phone incessantly, think again!dangerous mobile phone usage However, DECT phone have been around a lot longer than cell phones and it has been proven that the use of a DECT (Handsfree) phone, for half hr everyday on the same side of the head, will increase your risk of a brain tumour by 470! ! ! (BioInitative report, 2007). WIFI, DECT and mobile phones operate on the same frequency. And children

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The National Cancer Institute should be credited as the source and a link to this page included, e. g. , Cell Phones and Cancer Risk was originally published by the National Cancer Institute. Please note that blog posts that are written by individuals from outside the government may be owned by the writer, and graphics may be owned by their dangerous mobile phone usage Approximately 60, 000 to 70, 000 cell phones are sold each day in the United States. Over 110 million Americans use cell phones. And worldwide, it is estimated that approximately 1 billion people use cell phones.