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2019-10-21 14:49

iOS (Jailbroken): If you jailbreak, you know how annoying that little red badge on your Settings app is. How to Hide the Notification Badges for Settings,Apr 02, 2015 Remove: the to where SOFTWAREUPDATE is contained to completely remove that the Software Update tab from Settings update. To just remove it from badging, remove the cellClass to the PSBadgedTableCell You can add a letter in the end or rename it instead of deleting it. hide ios software update badge

How To Remove iOS Firmware Update Badge From Settings If you update by mistake, How To ShowHide The Notifications Number Badge

hide ios software

Set the application badge number in ios 9. set to 0 to hide. default is 0. In iOS 8. 0 and Update badge of icon and get the message of notification when Jan 09, 2012 Disable the Red Notification Badge from App Icons in iOS Remove the Alias Arrow Badge From Icons in Mac OS X; Hide the Software Update forhide ios software update badge Coolstar has released Electra for iOS 11. 2 [Question Hide OTA update badge? Question Of course if I go to update,

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Hello folks, Is it any tweak to remove software update badge or file for he system for iOS? hide ios software update badge How to remove notification badge in Settings app after iPhone update to iOS? Now go back to Settings General Software Update and click to update iOS to If you install Software Update Killer, it will remove the icon badge, the notification bubble over the General tab in Settings, and ultimately, disable the update download button altogether! This can prove to be an extremely useful feature for users who are rather accidentprone, and fear that they might hit the update button by mistake. Aug 18, 2016 iOS can download and install updates without the need to connect to iTunes; this is known as OvertheAir (OTA) updating. When you have an OTA update waiting for you, your Settings app typically gets a red badge and iOS will constantly nag you about software updates.