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2019-08-17 22:49

Purchased a Nokia Lumia 630 yesterday and on checking data usage I have used 250mb in 1 day. I am on pay and go and only get 500mb a month which was even too much on my old phone.Nokia Lumia 630. Go to supplies. Overview. Set up your mobile phone. Connectivity& synchronisation. Select settings. Messaging& Internet. Software update& reset. Back to Select settings Activate or deactivate mobile data. You can limit your data usage by deactivating mobile data. No connection to the Internet via the mobile network can then be established. You can still use data usage nokia lumia 630

Learn how to use data roaming on your Nokia Lumia 630. Want to save on your phone bills? You can cut data roaming costs by changing mobile data settings. Data roaming means using your phone to receive data over networks that your network service provider doesnt own or operate.

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Nov 19, 2014 Hello all, A few weeks ago, I switched my old Nokia C5 for a nice and swift Windows 8. 1 Nokia Lumia 630, I must say I am pleased with it. There is one issue with it though, and that is the mobile data usage which keeps being very high. Turn mobile data on or off You can limit your data usage by turning off mobile data. You'll then not be able to access the internet using the mobile network. You can still use WiFi even though mobile data is turned usage nokia lumia 630 How to fix no mobile data or internet on Nokia Lumia Issue No data on Nokia Lumia. Cellular data not working on Nokia Lumia. Cant access the internet with mobile data on Nokia Lumia. Mobile internet not working on Nokia Lumia. No data connection on a Nokia Lumia. Internet not working on Nokia Lumia.

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If you wish to connect to the internet with your Nokia Lumia 630 then you have two options. The first is the WiFi connections which are normally cheap by connecting to your home WiFi. The other option is to connect your phone to the internet via your mobile phone provider. You can also look at the user manual on this website. data usage nokia lumia 630 Nokia Lumia 630 All topics If you dont want to use the internet on your phone, and want to avoid unnecessary data costs, you can disable this on your device. Send us your comments. Your feedback means a lot to us. Please let us know how we could make our Device Guide site even better. Enter your comments here then click the