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iPhone 5s Technical Specifications. Finish. Space Gray; Gold; iPhone 5s (Model A1457, A1530): Power adapter outperforms strictest global energy efficiencyDifference between GSM and Global iPhone 5. CDMA China models: A1528, A1530 and A1518; share Why does iPhone 5s have so iphone 5s a1530 global

Find out which iOS firmware file to download based on your iPhone's model number. iPhone 5s: A1433: GSM: iPhone6, 1: A1533: GSM: iPhone6, 1: GlobalSprintA1586

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Global original prices for the iPhone 5s (GSMNorth AmericaA1533) in 24 different countries and territories follow; organized alphabetically by region. Please note that prices with an asterisk () are bound by carrier contractual obligations. Officially, only the A1518 China Mobile iPhone 5s as well as the A1530 Asia Pacific iPhone 5s can access China Mobile's 3G and 4G networks with a carrier setting update. However, a helpful Chinese reader reported that people have managed to crack the carrier settings and enable LTETDD on China Mobile with the A1528 China Unicomiphone 5s a1530 global The Differences between iPhone 5S A1533, A1453, A1457 and A1530 Updated on Jun 4, 2016 by Tuan Do Now you can grab the new iPhone 5S at an Apple Store or on its online store, however, thats not the end of the story.

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The iPhone 5s (Global) device was released on. It has 60 firmwares released for it. iphone 5s a1530 global As title says. ip5s A1530, is it Global or GSM Version? Learn how to identify your iPhone model by its model number and other details. A1530, A1533. Details: The See the tech specs for iPhone 5s. iPhone 5c. Year In this howto tutorial you will find out whether your Apple iPhone supports GSM or Global network. Iphone 5s A1530 GLOBAL OR GSM? Anuj Shrestha.