Camera connection kit ipad 3 not working

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2019-10-13 22:33

Camera Connection Kit Not Working With IPhone? May 24, 2010. why did Apple choose not to let the iPad Camera Connection Kit work on the iPhone as well? View 19 Replies Camera Connection Kit Stopped Working Sep 10, 2010. I've been taking pics and importing them to my iPad from the camera connection kit for a few weeks now.Dec 08, 2013 Re: Camera Connection Kit not working with iPad 2 Hi, I have the same problem. When I tried to connect my camera kit the IPad 2 with ios send the message This product isn't supported with the IPad. camera connection kit ipad 3 not working

It is a dual camera connection kit for sd and USB connection. Mac Support Specialist: MacTechTrainer, Sr. Mac Support Specialist replied 7 years ago Thanks for the update.

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In the last two months i have NOT connected the ipad to a pc or itunes for updating, but tonight i tried connecting the Sony camera, and i get the usb not supported message. Talk about apple being a bunch of absolute interfering barstards. Jun 13, 2015 please let me know if your old cammera connection kit was original by apple company or not original by third party company? I have noname camera connection kit for 3 from eBay (not 29 original by apple) and on older iOS works fine, but after update to iOS 8. 3 stop to connection kit ipad 3 not working Nov 03, 2014 iPad Ipad Camera Connection Kit not working. Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by dimpoly, Nov 2, 2014.

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