Iphone speakers dont work but headphones do

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2019-09-17 06:43

Get help when you cant hear sound from your headphones, your microphone doesn't work, or the buttons on your remote don't work. Check for debris, damage, or loose connections Check for debris in the headphone port on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.Honestly, I tried to suck the headphones jack, blew the headphones jack, rebooted the iPhone, unplugged and plugged in the headphones again and again, but, it did NOT work. Finally, I was quite frustrated and wanted to buy a new one, so I tried a new way: Use a narrow cottenstick and spray (or pour) a SMALL amount of alchohol on that iphone speakers dont work but headphones do

No Speaker Sound Headphones Work Fine. Hi All, My iPhone had not been playing music, but the headphones worked perfectly fine. It says that headphones are in my iPad, my headphones are in a whole other room. the speakers dont work but when i use headphones they do. I have no pets. by Ekikari Funabashii.

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Jul 01, 2018 speakers don't work but headphones do I have an emachine and speakers always worked before. Stopped working one day so bought new speakers and still don't work. Headphones work fineany idea for a solution? If you can hear sound through the headphones but not through your device's speakers, unplug the headphones and clear dust or debris from the headset port on your device.iphone speakers dont work but headphones do Headphones Work, iPhone Speaker does not: Does your iPhone speaker no longer work but your headphones do? This is a pretty common issue. Your phone is probably not damaged, so lets go over how to fix the iphone speaker problem. This troubleshooting guide works for the following iphone models, 3, 3gs, 4, 4s, 5, 5s and the iphone 6

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When an iPhones speaker stops working, so do many of the features that make the iPhone so great. The music stops playing, you cant make calls using the speakerphone, and you dont hear a ding when you receive a text message or an email. One things for sure: Your iPhone uses its speaker a lot. iphone speakers dont work but headphones do