Optimus f3 move apps to sd card

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2019-10-17 15:03

For those who don't know, the Optimus F3 has only, like, 2gb of internal space. And because Google's Nexus phones don't have SD card slots for some really weird reason, they decided to just pull theFeb 25, 2014  Just got a Optimus F3 (Virgin Mobile) as a temp for a few months and was very disappointed with it's lack of internal space AND lack of support for easily shifting apps to the external SD card. I hunted around found a bunch of stuff that didn't work and finally hit on the links below which are a video and text version of optimus f3 move apps to sd card

Aug 24, 2013 I just got an LG Optimus F3 from Virgin Mobile, and I quickly filled up the small 1Gb internal storage! I want to move some apps to my 4Gb SD card. I have successfully rooted the phone.

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How do i move apps to an external sd card for the lgls720 or lg f3 optimus, when every app believes that the sd card and internal phone storage ar Doubleclick SD card. Navigate to and open the desired folder. Drag and drop the files from your computer into your phone's SD card. When finished, safely disconnect the phone from the computer. Transfer files between internal storage& SD card. To transfer files and pictures between the internal storage and SD card, follow these steps: Fromoptimus f3 move apps to sd card Sep 17, 2014 GerryDep, the Optimus F3 has this locked down (at least on the Virgin Mobile version). For example, I downloaded and installed an app. I follow the instructions you posted above, and here is NO Move to SD Card button at all. None. It's not there. This has been discussed in detail in other posts.

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How do I move photos and videos to SD card, on my Android F3 Optimus? optimus f3 move apps to sd card How to move apps to SD Card 2 thoughts on How I Moved My Android Apps to SD card Without Rooting This app doesnt work with the LG Optimus F3 because Dec 29, 2014 My phone tells me i have no storage when i put in a new 8gb card. i hardly have anything on my phone too, but i cant figure out how to move the apps or download them to my SD card