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2020-02-17 15:12

But as noted above, most researchers and regulatory authorities do not believe that cell phone towers pose health risks under ordinary conditions. If you have additional health concerns, you might want to talk with your doctor.Dec 04, 2017 Many people are concerned that cell phone radiation will cause cancer or other serious health hazards. The weight of scientific evidence has not linked cell phones with any health problems. cell phone signal health risks

In 2015 the European Commission Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks concluded that, overall, the epidemiologic studies on cell phone radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation exposure do not show an increased risk of brain tumors or of other cancers of the head and neck region.

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Watch video  Earlier this year, a rodent study found heavy exposures to cell phone radiation increased rats risks for some brain and heart tumors. More rodent research has tied high levels of WiFi and cell exposure to hormonal shifts and oxidative stressthe kind of shifts that could promote cancer or brain diseases. Health Risks of Using Mobile Phones by Jared Newnam May 10, 2013. Public concerns about the possible health effects of mobile phone usage receive a lot of attention. With so many people using cell phones, its easy to see why. The International Telecommunication Union reported nearly 6 billion mobile phone subscriptions at thecell phone signal health risks When the cellphone signal is held next to the head, brainwaves are altered a full 70 of the time. Many insurance companies are so alarmed by the evidence that they now exclude health issues related to cell phone radiation from coverage. Most brain surgeons limit their cellphone use, and counsel patients never to hold them to their ears. Know

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The microwaves from cell phone towers can interfere with your bodys own EMFs, causing a variety of potential health problems, including: Headaches Memory loss cell phone signal health risks Current scientific evidence has not conclusively linked cell phone use with any adverse health problems, but more research is needed. According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI): Studies thus far have not shown a consistent link between cell phone use and cancers of the brain, nerves, or other tissues of the head or neck. More Mobile phone radiation and health. Jump to navigation Jump to search. A man speaking on a mobile telephone The majority of human studies have failed to find a link between cell phone use and cancer. In 2011 a World Health Organization working group classified cell phone use as possibly carcinogenic to humans . The CDC states that no