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Cabin Crew is the leading cabin crew forum within the UK and we provide specialist cabin crew recruitment, job listings, career advice and cabin crew training courses.She conducted the short telephone interview in which she asked me my understanding the role of Cabin Crew and knowledge of the company. I discussed my understanding of the role and company and gave examples. jet2 telephone interview cabin crew

Cabin Crew. You will deliver a consistently high level of safety and a VIP service to our customers. And it goes so much further than service with a smile.

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During the phone conversation, a member of the Jet2 recruitment department tells you about the dress code for Jet2 cabin crew members along with how the training programme works and details of the medical and background checks you must go through. In addition you will get an invitation to the Jet2 cabin crew assessment day. Cabin Crew (Former Employee) Manchester, Greater Manchester 30 January 2018 Health and safety, first aid was spot on. Staff were ok, commission was ok if you were lucky to get 5. Staff were ok, commission was ok if you were lucky to get 5.jet2 telephone interview cabin crew 19 Jet2. com Cabin Crew interview questions and 9 interview reviews. Free interview details posted anonymously by Jet2. com interview candidates.

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Oct 26, 2005 Hello! As the title may suggest I have a job interview in the morning for Cabin Crew with Jet2! I really really want this job and I'm looking forward to the interview! jet2 telephone interview cabin crew Jet2 Cabin Crew Recruitment Process 2018 Want to work for Jet2 but unsure of how? Then just follow this simple guide. Once passing the telephone interview, I was asked to come to a selection day the day after for team tasks, 11 interviews, meet other cabin crew members etc. . Interview Questions Why do you want to be cabin crew? Sample cabin crew interview questions& answers. Get tips from airline industry experts on how to pass the cabin crew selection interview with How2become. Contains actual interview questions that you WILL get asked, as well as sample responses that you can use during your interview. The ideal cabin crew resource.