Selfie stick iphone not working

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2020-02-24 12:24

Dec 02, 2017  I am an iPhone user. Whenever I try to plug in my Selfie Stick to my iPhone, it doesnt work for a while. I was a bit confusedHow to use a selfie stick? My selfie stick did not work with several Chinese Anyone knows what happend with my iPhone or selfie stick? Thanks for every selfie stick iphone not working

Update: Wireless One Explorer Pro Monopod Selfie Stick. This product doesn't work with iPhone 6S or iPhones 6S plus:

selfie stick iphone

I just got a selfie stick, and it connects to my iPhone via the headphone socket. Clicking a button on the stick causes a picture to Sep 29, 2016 Selfie stick not working Ricardas FixSolve Selfie Stick Not Detect Problem How to Use your OLD Selfie Stick on iPhone 7 Duration:selfie stick iphone not working Oct 02, 2015 Selfie stick doesn't work on Iphone 6. Skip navigation Working No thanks 1 How to Use your OLD Selfie Stick on iPhone 7 Duration:

Free Selfie stick iphone not working

Jan 07, 2017 The issue here is that when your phone has Bluetooth on and you connect the selfie stick, the iPhone is trying to connect My selfie stick doesn't work selfie stick iphone not working Not all iPhone selfie sticks are created equal: that's why we did our homework and figured out which ones really are the best! Here are the best selfie stick options for your iPhone! My iPhone 6 does not work with a monopod selfie stick. What might the problem be? The selfie sticks works on the iPhone 4 but not the iPhone 6.