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Tier 1 (US, UK, CA, AU, NZ) CPM. Western Europe. Latin America. Asia. If you are advertiser and looking for high quality traffic from direct sites, apps and social media sign up here and well send you our rates (the list is too long, thats why I dont put it here).Effective CPM rates ranged from 0. 53 for an Android device in October 2012 to 1. 12 for an iOS device in December 2012. In January 2013, eCPM rates for Android devices remained high at 0. 88 while those for iOS devices decreased from their peak to 1. 08. iOS devices achieved consistently higher rates than Android devices by about 30 android cpm rates

May 04, 2018  Normally, the iOS rates are a bit higher when compared with the Android rates even for tier 1 countries. For tier 2 and tier 3 countries, you can see a sharp difference in the overall CPM rates between Android and iOS with iOS taking the sweet spot. Admob rates for the US are particularly good for rewarded videos as you can

android cpm rates

Top mobile ad networks iOS eCPM rates, Source: AdTapsy Now lets analyze individual leading ad networks, starting with Applovin eCPM rates for Android versus iOS. Throughout the same period, publishers had been generating about 10 per 1k impressions, with May June 2015 period as an outlier of that general trend, when 15 Best CPM Ad Networks which pay high eCPM rates for ads on your site. Cost Per Impression or CPM advertisements pays when the ad is displayed 1000 times. CPM ads provide great earning opportunity for high traffic website even low traffic sites can also benefit from CPM cpm rates This is dependent on a variety of factors such as performance metrics ( The engagement rate of your app or clickthrough rate) and where your traffic is coming from. It would be best to specify to whatever extent you can these details to ascertain with a certain degree of accuracy what CPMs you can garner.

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And Best CPM Rates? As I discussed above, CPM ads pay on per 1000 impression basis. So, they have a fixed CPM rate for each 1000 impression. The CPM rates usually range between So, they have a fixed CPM rate for each 1000 impression. android cpm rates If you're looking for some of the best CPM rates in the industry, you'll love our recommendation. We've got a myriad of data and this company beats everyone by leaps and bounds. Get the Best CPM Rates! MonetizePros aggregates information about the average CPM rates across various mediums including Referenced Average CPM Rate: 1. 70 (Android ads) Used in MonetizePros Aggregation Calculations: Yes; Johannes Borchardt is a developer focusing on Android apps who publishes monthly income reports giving some transparency into his financial successes (or