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2020-02-19 15:56

As of Feb. 25, 2017, UAB no longer hosts MyUAB pages for prospective or admitted students. If you should need assistance, feel free to contact the UAB Office of Undergraduate Admissions at or [email protected] edu.By submitting this application to UAB, you are agreeing to receive electronic communication regarding your applicationadmission status, announcements, and enrollment. If you have previously optedout of communications from UAB, you will automatically be opted back in. uab blazernet app

UAB Application for Undergraduate Admissions. Application Error Your Application session has ended or you saved a page that cannot be bookmarked.

uab blazernet app

If you are unsure about whether you already have a BlazerID, you may click on the Do I Have a BlazerID? link to the left, or if you would like more information before setting up your BlazerID, click on the Getting Started link. Contact Portal [ Log In Log In Current Rosters; Past Rosters; Visiting Studentsuab blazernet app Radiology Schedule Login. Login: Blazer ID: Password

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UAB forms Click on Financial Aid planning guide in BlazerNET to get all of the information on eligibility requirements and to read all uab blazernet app UAB better. Everything you need, all in one place. The new UAB mobile app is built to help you get around, get hired and get things done whether you're a student, employee or a guest. UAB is a big place, and everyone has different needs. Students want their classes, assignments and deadlines front and center. Legitimate UAB web pages promptingfor your BlazerID and password should have addresses that begin with https: (not http: ) and contain uab. edu . Also, your browser should visually indicate that you are accessing a secure page, usually a padlock icon.