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2019-11-13 10:59

What can you do If You Lose your Mobile Phone? How to retrieve your lost phone? Many stories online claim that you can find it by sending your IMEI number to a mail id. Fact Check the Claim.lost my mobile phone Dear SirMam Sir I want to online complain regarding lost my mobile phone Samsung Galaxy J7 has lost during bus travel mirganj to siwan on date time2: 30. please deactivate IMEI no. mobile phone lost complaint chennai

CHENNAI: Most people who lose their mobile phone do not file a police complaint as they believe the chances of recovering their phone are minimal. However, according to the Chennai suburban police, it is almost certain that you would get back your phone if you file a police complaint with the

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If you have lost your mobile phone, you wont need to go all the way to a police station to register a complaint to get a new SIM card. In an effort to streamline processes, Bengaluru city police have police complaint online services are not available for lost mobile. many websites are suggesting to email on [email protected] net regarding lost mobile. it's also nomobile phone lost complaint chennai Locate and track your stolen Android mobile phone using Google Account, Gmail and IMEI number and filing a FIR complaint with the Police and service provider

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Stolen Mobile consumer complaint against Chennai City Police. Consumer complaint created by Deepika in Government and Police section. mobile phone lost complaint chennai If your phone was stolen, there isnt much you can do about it in India. The story is usually that you go to the cops, lodge a complaint and they ask you for the bills and unique numbers for the mobile phone. How to Complaint Online for Lost Mobile What happen If u lose your mobile? ans is simple just go online and register your complaint for tracing your mobile, ans is simple just go online and register your complaint for tracing your mobile, Jul 16, 2014  The most common complaint registered in the city of late is of lost mobile phones. This can be substantiated by the city polices statistics, which indicate a minimum of four to five reported handset thefts per day. With complaints mostly being registered at police stations and some making their way directly to the office of the Commissioner of Police in Vepery, cell phone