Oracle bi apps implementation methodology

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2019-12-06 17:45

Since analytics applications such as Oracle BI Applications come with prebuilt designs, this unique methodology is designed to maximize value through vanilla implementations with configurations and simple but critical customizations in the initial phases, and by deferring more costly customizations to later phases of the implementation.The composite organization deployed BI Apps in two phases. The initial implementation consisted of deploying the Financial Analytics and Procurement and Spend Analytics oracle bi apps implementation methodology

The FitGap Analysis is one of the most Important Phases with any BI Applications Project. Any gap not Identified will lead to an incorrect Design and ultimately to a wrong Implementation.

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The Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Accelerator is a highvalue, lowrisk; competitively priced service offering that incorporates bestinclass methodologies, tools and resources to enable organizations to quickly and successfully launch their business Successful BI Apps Implementation Part 2: BI Apps Introduction to BI Apps Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA or BI Apps) is a packaged BI solution for use with Oracle source systems such as EBS, JD Edwards, Siebel and bi apps implementation methodology However, the methodology wasis purposely built for Oracle Applications and the detailed deliverables produced are designed with the Oracle Application products in mind, as these are initially used for oracle consulting guys, and with time these are adopted methodology in Oracle application across the industry.

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Welcome to Oracle BI applications blog! This blog will talk about various features, general roadmap, description of functionality and implementation steps related to Oracle BI applications. In the first post we start with an overview of the BI apps and will delve deeper into some of the topics below oracle bi apps implementation methodology In Oracle BI Applications, customization allows you to change the preconfigured behavior and analyze new information in your business intelligence dashboards. . For example, you might want to add a column to a dashboard by extracting data from the field and storing it in the Oracle Business Analytics Oracle BI Apps Recommandations for Effective Implementation. CONSULTANTS o BI implementation as part of a wider ERP implementation. CONSULTANTS Getting Started Critical Success Factors o BI Application Methodology BI methodologies and deliverables differ from OLTP projects