Phone got hot and wont turn on

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2019-08-18 15:14

any way, My phone is an Android verizon, and I would be playing my game then the screen goes black, when I turn it off I try and turn it on again and the screen lights up but I cant do any thing. it has happened to me before, but it oly took about 3 or 4 hours to turn on again, Now its takin about 8 hours.Iphone got too hot and won't turn on? Guest. I just bought this phone off ebay the original owner of the phone said that it got really hot and wouldnt turn back on i just realized it when the phone shipped to my house, is there anything i phone got hot and wont turn on

Before you start wondering why my phone getting hot? , turning off the iPhone would be the best thing to do. but it wont delete the data. So, this method is quite safe. These settings include the home screen layout, language, keyboard, location, privacy, etc. Related Posts on How To Fix iPhone Overheating and Getting Hot Issue

phone got hot

Sep 05, 2007 My phone had got damp (not soaking wet, but some moisture got inside) and would not turn on anymore, even after waiting a couple hours. But I thought about putting it in the refrigerator because I knew that it dried things out (e. g. would dry foods no properly wrapped). You turn on your Android phone or tablet by pressing its power button simple. If that button wont work, your device isnt necessarily broken there are ways to bring it back to life. This problem can also be caused by hardware damage. Your phone or tablet may not be powering on becausephone got hot and wont turn on My phone got extremely hot, it shut off, I turned it back on and the key pad and screen started flashing. I plugged it in to charge as the battery was low. Charged it all night and now it won't turn on.

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Why won't my phone turn on? if you've ever uttered this question we've got the answers. If your phone is unresponsive, don't throw it in the trash just yet. It's usually possible to save many a bricked device. We'll show you a bunch of tips to fix an Android phone that won't turn on. phone got hot and wont turn on My iphone4 got hot when i used a fake charger suddenly the phone turn off? I charged it using the original charge and its not charging i try to connect it to i tunes on my pc and it can't turn on nothing happen i ask somebody they told me that the IC onoff is defective how come it happened is there's anything that i can do to fix my iphone