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In all cases, the result is a long integer that, when given to the method, will produce a floatingpoint value the same as the argument to doubleToLongBits (except all NaN values are collapsed to aTo demonstrate what Earwicker said you could call Long. valueOf(i), which takes a long but will widen an int and give you back a Long object. Grundlefleck Aug 19 '09 at 21: 08 Autoboxing is preferable, because it doesn't necessarily have to create a new Long object every time. android integer to long

All flags defined for Byte, Short, Integer, and Long apply. The default behavior when no flags are given is the same as for Byte, Short, Integer, and Long. The specification of width is the same as defined for Byte, Short, Integer, and Long. Get Android and Google Play news by email

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Integer i theLong! null? theLong. intValue(): null; or if you don't need to worry about null: autounboxing does not go from Long to int directly, so Integer i (int) (long) theLong; And in both situations, you might run into overflows (because a Long can store a wider range than an Integer). Candy, Don't be afraid to post relevant code examples to help explain your problems. Code can really help to explain problems at times. If you do post a code example, please be sure to surround it with the [code and [code UBB tags in order to help preserve formatting and readability. [How To Ask Good Questions [JavaRanch FAQ Wikiandroid integer to long public static long toUnsignedLong (int x) Converts the argument to a long by an unsigned conversion. In an unsigned conversion to a long, the highorder 32 bits of the long are zero and the loworder 32 bits are equal to the bits of the integer argument.

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Java Long To String Examples. Feb 18, 2015 Core Java, Examples, Snippet, String comments. This tutorial will show example codes on how to convert Java Long to String. Performing conversion from long to String is a common scenario when programming with Core Java. android integer to long A long is 64 bits. An int is 32 bits. Not all values that fit in a long will fit in an int, because the int is smaller. If the number is too large to fit in an int or Integer, there is no way to make it fit. i, int radix) Returns a string representation of the first argument as an unsigned integer value in the radix specified by the second argument. static Long: valueOf(String s) Returns a Long object Get Android and Google Play news by email His above link depicts a 64 bit Integer or Essentially a long, also see What is the difference between SQLite integer data types like int, integer, bigint, etc. ? and Version of SQLite used in Android?