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2019-10-24 01:43

AMD Gaming Evolved APP has been dropped by AMD and will no longer be supported, see what the company had to say in their official statement.I've never used AMD's app but Raptr is I guess the who who developed Radeon Pro dropped development of it to go work for Raptr on the Gaming Evolved app. What a gaming evolved app raptr

You might not remember Raptr Gaming Evolved, but at one point in time it was probably running in the background of your Radeonbased computer. Sadly, Raptr is no more, only one year after AMD dropped official support for their app.

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Raptr's a popular PC gaming service that powers AMD's Gaming Evolved clientand it's been hacked. How can the answer be improved?gaming evolved app raptr Dec 10, 2016 Many people have raptrgaming evolved installed on their computers and don't know how it got there. It has caused problems for some people. It was

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So i was wondering does that app amd gaming evolved really optimize good games? gaming evolved app raptr In October 12, 2016 AMD discontinued the AMD Gaming Evolved App developed with the raptr team, the raptr app was having problems with the access process, AMD Discontinues Gaming Evolved App The Gaming Evolved App was back in 2013 as and at its core it was a customized version of the Raptrs eponymous gaming We are sad to announce that we will be closing Raptr on September 30th, 2017. We want to start by thanking you for your support over the past 10 years.