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Well the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4s have the following dimensions, height: 4. 5 inches width: 2. 31 inches and depth: 0. 37 inches The iPod touch has height: 4. 3 inches width: 2. 4 inches and depth: 0. 33 inches So it's a bit off and I don't think it will fit securely. If I were you I would try something returnable and see how it fits.Will an iPhone 5 deflector case fit an iPod Touch 5th generation? I just got a iPod Touch 5th generation and I was looking at cases. I saw one that looked like it would fit, but it's and iPhone 5 deflector case. can iphone cases fit ipods

Will the iPhone 5 case fit the iPod touch 5 case? I'm looking for a iPod touch 5th generation clear case. I'm wondering if a iPhone 5 case will fit it. I do not want a regular case! I want a CLEAR case. Because (as you may know) the iPod touch 5th generation has a preset color on the back.

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Jan 29, 2013 Will a iPhone 5 case fit on an iPod touch 5? I recently got an iPod touch 5g. I fell in love with the pink camo otterbox for the iPhone 4 long before the new iPhone came about. There are several case options for iPod touch that are the same style as the popular iPhone cases. Not only will these cases fit iPod touch perfectly but they also have a cut out for the wrist strap connector so that you can usecan iphone cases fit ipods The iPhone 55s is 1. 5mm thicker than the iPod Touch 5th Generation so a case would probably not fit, it would wiggle around. An iPhone 5c is bigger in every dimension (1mm for length and width and 5mm for thickness) so you can definitely not use a case from a iPhone 5c on an iPod Touch 5th Generation

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116 of 564 results for can an iphone case fit an ipod touch Did you mean: canon iphone case fit and ipod touch. Amerzam 4 Pack 3FT 6FT 6FT 9FT iPhone Cable, 3FT 6FT 6FT 9FT Nylon Braided Lightning to USB Cable Lightning Cable iPhone Charger Cord for iPhone XiPhone 8iPhone 7iPadiPod. can iphone cases fit ipods Oct 18, 2011 The thing is that the iphone cases will fit the ipod touch, but it'll be a little loose since the iphone is a little longer and thicker than the ipod touch No to iphone 6 because the iphone 6 is much larger than an iphone 5 so for the iphone 5 it would be a better fit even though it would wiggle a bit, so i would suggest for the ipod56 go for the iphone 5 case. and for the ipod 4 it wont fit in a iphone 56 case it would be to small but if you get an iphone 4 case and a ipod 4 case it will work and