Disguise your iphone as a calculator

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Your iPhones calculator works just like a pocket calculator. You can find the iPhones calculator feature on your Home screen, by clicking the calculator icon. Your handy iPhone calculator does just fine for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. Numbers and symbols (such as a C for clear, and M for memory) are large and easyJun 26, 2017  How to Cheat on a Test Using Electronics. 12 Methods: In math tests, put your calculator in between your legs and whenever you need to use it, type in the sum and pretend you are rotating your neck so you can glance at your calculator disguise your iphone as a calculator

How To Hide Files& Folders Inside Calculator On Your Android Smartphone and Tablet All of us have our little secret videos, images, and documents How To Hide Your Private Files Inside Calculator App On Android Smartphone. PLS do it on Iphone.

disguise your iphone

how to disguise your phone in class as a calculator. how to disguise your phone in class as a calculator I changed from Apple to an android phone (HTC One X Plus) there is no movement on Apple and minimal evolution. I had an iPhone for the past 5 years and the phone stays the same. This is freakin awesome, so glad that I saw Scientific Calculator in Disguise. Did you know that the iPhone has a builtin scientific calculator? Just open the calculator and rotate your iPhone by 90 degrees into landscape perspective. You will see that your plain old calculator application has much more to offer. Just explore it and feel the difference.disguise your iphone as a calculator It allows kids to hide files like texts, indecent pics. A new warning is being issued for parents with teens and smartphones. Do you know what's on your child's phone? There are apps disguised as calculators or phone settings, but they have a hidden use. Some of the popular ones like Calculator Percent, KyCalc, or Best Secret Folder

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Secret photos KYMS (iOS): from their app description, An iPhone calculator that works and looks! exactly like any other calculator until you type in your secret passcode. The calculator then turns into a private storage app in which you can hide your most secret photos, videos, notes, and more. disguise your iphone as a calculator 8 Weird Cases That Will Camouflage Your Phone. PCMag has good advice on what to do if your iPhone or Android phone is stolen. But there might be a way to reduce the chances of that ever happening. Check out the slideshow for some cases that disguise your phone so that no one will take it (and, in some cases, even touch it). Teens Are Using Fake Calculator Apps To Hide Photos From Their Parents At first glance, the icon looks like a runofthemill calculator, but when you open it and type in the correct passcode, it will open a treasure trove of hidden pictures and files that don't appear anywhere else on your device. but it's important to note that the Some apps hide secrets. Here is how to tell which apps have hidden purposes. For example, Private Photo Calculator isnt your typical calculator app. While it does work as a calculator, Tech App 5 Apps to Lock and Hide Files on iPhone;