Raymax applications

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2020-04-10 06:27

How can the answer be improved?Raymax is also the Australian agent for HySpex hyperspectral cameras and imaging systems, powerful tools for diverse applications such as industrial sorting, laboratory analysis, clinical diagnosis and agricultural monitoring. raymax applications

Raymax offers a full range of direct diode, fibre and YAG laser systems for industrial applications including welding, cladding, cutting, nearnett shape manufacture, plastic welding, heat treatment and 3D printing.

raymax applications

RAYMAX 1220and2030 IdealForMany ProcessHeating Applications RequiringHotFace Temperatures COL THE RAYMAX FAMILY Solve Virtually Any Application Requiring Radiant Heat Watlow's diverse RAYMAX heater line allows you to solve virtually any application that requires radiant heat. Our capabilities cover a wide range of needs, from contamination resistant surfaces, to fast responding high temperature panels, to replaceable tubularraymax applications RAYMAX LASERS: Based in Sydney we supply laser solutions and optronics equipment. EXPERTISE: With more than 20 years of operation, the company has continued to grow its expertise and supply base sourcing from highly reputable laser and optronics equipment manufacturers in Europe, the UK and America.

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Raymax Applications Pty Limited, situated in the northern beaches region of Sydney, is a leading supplier of lasers and laser equipment across all states in Australia and New Zealand. Lasers are used in a broad range of tasks such as printing 3D metal parts, ablating holes in plastic packing, cladding giant turbine blades, preparing microparts raymax applications Supplier of lasers and laser systems for scientific and industrial applications. Research and development.