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Oct 08, 2013  Introduction: Most of the iOS application starts with the splash screen with the spinner which makes the sense that application is loading its required files and resources. But if you focus on the screen, you will find that while showing the splash screen, some part of the splash screen is hidden by the status bar.iOS 7 allows individual view controllers to determine the appearance of the status bar, as described by the Apple developer documentation: iOS 7 gives view controllers the ability to adjust the style of the status bar while the app is running. ios 7 status bar color splash screen

All this did was set the background color to# 4F6D7A, the text color to# F5FCFF, and use light text in the status bar. The basic app Adding Splash Screens (iOS)

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When iOS 7 was introduced Apple allowed your application to extend all the way up into the status bar region. This was neat because you can scroll content behind it, change the color, and make the entire screen feel completely full. Ever since the release of iOS 7, the status bar has become a major component of the UI in iOS apps. The reason being that with the release of iOS 7, Apple allowed developers to also utilize the top 20 pixels on the screen, which were unaccessible before (if you were not using a on your screen), since they were allocated to the status bar.ios 7 status bar color splash screen In previous versions of iOS, the status bar was untouchable other than color adjustments. iOS 7 makes the status bar transparent, and, if your view doesnt make use of a then the 20 points of space at the top of the screen that the status bar sits on top of becomes usable space.

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What do you mean 'it still shows the status bar with the black color If your code works, status bar font should be white, status bar background color depends on your splash image (which should now include status bar height ios 7 status bar color splash screen On iOS 7, when you set to false, you can set the background color of the statusbar by a hex string (# RRGGBB). On WP7 and WP8 you can also specify values as# AARRGGBB, where AA is an alpha value PhoneGap Developers Guide to the iOS Status Bar July 31, 2014 By Holly Schinsky 12 Comments I wrote this post as a guide for PhoneGap Developers to use in handling and customizing the iOS Status Bar and to help clear up confusion where documentation is iOS Design Themes. As an app designer, you have the opportunity to deliver an extraordinary product that rises to the top of the App Store charts.