Smartphone thermal imager

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2019-11-13 11:01

Enhanced resolution through VividIR improves thermal sensitivity and image quality, while FLIR MSX technology adds finer details and perspective to images. And, both models have the FLIR OneFit connector, which extends up to 4 mm to attach the device to your smartphone through many popular phone cases.With the power of thermal vision, youll explore the world around you in ways you never thought possible with no additional cords, cases, devices, screens, or superpowers necessary. Simply attach FLIR ONE to your smartphone or tablet, and take your sidekick with you wherever you go. smartphone thermal imager

Jun 17, 2016 Image: Flir Costing 199. 99 (inc. VAT), the Flir One is a small device that clips onto the MicroUSB port of your Android device, or the Lightning port of your iOS tablet or smartphone.

smartphone thermal imager

Aug 10, 2016  The CAT S60 is the first mobile phone with thermal imager and waterproof (5m), 13MP Cam, 32GB memory. Read about strengths and Powerful and portable, the Seek Compact is a stateofthe art thermal imaging camera that connects directly to your smartphone. Using over 32, 000 thermal pixels, Compact detects invisible infrared light and displays a visible heat signature on your phone.smartphone thermal imager FLIR Systems, Inc. announced two new products at CES designed to put thermal imaging into the hands of consumers. The first is a new, consumerlevel infrared thermal camera sensor, while the second is a slideon attachment for Apple iPhone 5 or 5s smartphones that makes use of said sensor.

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Made for iPhone and Android top models, Seek Compact transforms your smartphone or tablet into a professional thermal imaging tool. By utilizing the power and convenience of your smartphone, our cameras make it easy to take thermal photos and video, share findings, and send for documentation. smartphone thermal imager Seel Thermal A new device takes a literal spin on hot or not the Seek CompactPRO is a small gadget you plug into your smartphone to instantly add thermalimaging capabilities. Sure, the CAT S60 has builtin thermal imaging, but for those not crazy about the constructionlike fashion statement, thermal imaging will soon be available Both smartphones use the visible camera and the thermal imaging camera together while FLIRs patented MSX technology overlays the images on top of each other to create a crisper and more recognizable image with greater detail. Cat S60 for sale. Discover the Cat S60 rugged, waterproof smartphone with FLIR thermal imaging camera. Buy today