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2020-04-10 08:07

In the mobile chipset ranking, MediaTek Helio X20 performs better than Intel Celeron N3350. Find out why!List of smartphones that works with MediaTek Helio X20 (MT6797) processor inside. mediatek helio x20 mobile

Processor manufacturer MediaTeks new Helio X20 chip is getting plenty of attention ahead of its forthcoming debut, but not in the way the company would really want. Rumors spread the chip was prone to overheating, and some smartphone firms had dropped plans to use it, something MediaTek went on

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MediaTek Helio X20 (MT6797) provides three processor clusters, each designed to more efficiently handle different types of workloads. Much like adding gears to vehicles, dividing the cores into three clusters provides a more efficient allocation of tasks for optimum performance and extended battery life. In the mobile chipset ranking, MediaTek Helio X20 performs better than MediaTek MT6737. Find out why!mediatek helio x20 mobile Mediatek Helio X20 MT6797 The Mediatek Helio X20 MT6797 is an upper mainstream ARM SoC for smartphones (mainly Android based) that was introduced in 2016. It is manufactured in a 20 nm process and is equipped with 10 CPU cores.

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MediaTek, being the pioneer of octacore mobile CPU, simply shrugged and teased its upcoming 10core, tricluster Helio X20 last May. So where is it now? So where is it now? Well, at today's Shenzhen event, MediaTek coCOO and EVP Jeffrey Ju told Engadget that the first Helio X20 devices will finally be hitting the markets next month. mediatek helio x20 mobile Pushing the boundaries are we, MediaTek? The upandcoming chipmaker just made the longrumored mobile Helio X20 chipset official, in all of its tencore glory. Yep, you read that right, the speculations were all true, and the X20 boasts ten Cortex cores in a big. LITTLE configuration In the mobile chipset ranking, MediaTek Helio X20 performs better than Qualcomm Snapdragon 636. Find out why! MediaTek today announces the launch of the MediaTek Helio X20 the worlds first mobile processor with TriCluster CPU architecture and ten