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2020-02-28 06:01

Samsung has unveiled a trio of new tools to help blind people make their way through the world with its Galaxy Core Advance smartphone. The three accessibility tools Ultrasonic Cover, Optical Scan Stand and Voice Label are designed to be affordable addons for the Core Advance.There are phones, quite a lot of them for the blind who have no vision. But now, there are smartphones and apps for the smartphones which can make the usage better. There are some dedicated companies which have been trying to make useful products for the blind, in the form of phones and apps. Below [ samsung smartphone for blind

Jul 18, 2012 Phones Georgie, first smart phone for the blind, on sale today. Georgie, an app for blind people, is available to download or preinstalled on phones including the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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While most smartphones have accessibility options for navigating the phone itself, Samsung is going a step further. A trio of new assistive technology accessories for Samsung's Galaxy Core Advance smartphone aim to help users navigate the real world. The accessories are mainly targeted at visually The smartphone, a gadget designed for the sighted, has turned out to be a godsend for the blind and visually impaired, making them more independent than ever before. With VoiceOver, the iPhones builtin gesturebased app that reads text on a touchscreen aloud, or Google Androids TalkBack, blind users can access anything on their smartphone for blind Sep 14, 2017  The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) removes barriers, creates solutions, and expands possibilities so people with vision loss can achieve their full potential. What is the best cell phone for the visually impaired? Samsung Galaxy phones have recently had some problems, but I do have a Samsung Galaxy

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Best Cell Phones; Best Cell Phone For Blind 2017; Best Cell Phone For Blind 2017. By Matt Staker. Last updated Mar 11, 2017. The ReviewGist pick for the best smartphone for the visually impaired for early 2017 is the Apple iPhone 6S Plus. The Apple iPhone 6S Plus supports the latest iOS operating system which lends itself to a samsung smartphone for blind Today's smartphones have a surprising amount of technology built into them to help people do all sorts of things that were otherwise impossible not so One of the most common problems that many blind and visually impaired people experience is their daytoday challenge in coping with their impairment. Equipment such as Braille, reading glasses, or a walking stick are just some of the few things that help visually impaired people get along with their lives. With the advancement of technology, a common Android smartphone Samsung Knack U310 Flip Phone for Verizon Wireless. by Samsung. 49. 00 (1 used offer) 3. 7 out of 5 stars 157. Tradein eligible for an Amazon gift card. Smartphone for the blind and visually impaired