Iphone screen blurry after water

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2020-02-24 02:49

Dropped my phone in water, screen flickering, what do I do? Alright, so the other day I dropped my iPhone 5 into the toilet, but I immediately took it out and turned it off. I then proceeded to put it into a bag of rice for the next few days.Mar 30, 2011  How to FixRepair iPhone With Water Damage Although an odd smudgy haze appears over 25 of the screen, the iPhone has come back to life. I was so stupid to instantly try to turn it on when getting it out of the water. After replacing my battery my iPhone could restore in iTunes again. Reply. reparation iphone says: iphone screen blurry after water

How to fix a water damaged iPhone. If your device got in touch with water, the most important thing is to wipe it off, and let it device dry. Using the iPhone right away can cause many other issues. One of the frequently asked questions is how to fix iPhone home button after water damage. 5 Ways To Fix Water Damage On IPhone 5 Screen

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Is Your Blurry iPhone Screen A Software or Hardware Problem? The first step is to uncover if your phone has an issue with its software or hardware. In many cases, a foggy iPhone screen signals a hardware issue, but not always. A software issue can often be resolved by simply restarting your device. Water damage is another cause of fuzzy It looks to be a hardware fault in the screen of the connections cause by dropping, water damaged, or messed up by someone having less knowledge regarding this. Dropping the phone it the biggest reason behind the damaged or blurry screens in iPhone 5.iphone screen blurry after water Dec 11, 2014 iPhone 6 has blurry, stripey screen after 2 days? ? Discussion in 'iPhone' started by rt1290, Dec 11, 2014. Most Liked Posts. rt1290, Dec 11, 2014. rt1290 macrumors newbie. Joined: but they wouldn't try to blame it on water damage and try to say it's my fault right? Thanks. share

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My wife dropped some water in her iPhone 5c, at first it worked ok. But now, after unlocking it the screen looks ok, but after a few second, vertical lines show up until the display goes dark completely. iphone screen blurry after water