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2020-04-08 05:58

Jun 14, 2018  Early next year Samsung will unveil the socalled Galaxy X, the worlds first smartphone to feature a folding display. It has the potential to change the smartphone world, but a new report reveals the price of this change could beAfter showcasing its bendable technology over the last few years, Samsung's first foldable smartphone, the Galaxy X, may be coming soon. Information about the phone, which has been dubbed the Galaxy X or Treble Eight, has slowly trickled out. samsung galaxy foldable price

Samsung has been playing with the idea of foldable smartphones for nearly a decade, and the Galaxy X is going to turn concept into reality. We have the latest rumors, including all about the price, release date, foldable display and flexible battery.

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The first Samsung Galaxy foldable smartphone could cost nearly 2, 000. In September of last year, Samsung announced that it was working on a foldable smartphone. It was to be branded a Samsung Galaxy Note device, which makes sense as this line of smartphones tended to stray from what is usually deemed normal. The closest thing we actually got to a foldable phone from Samsung in 2013 was the Samsung Galaxy Round. This was far from the prototypes and concepts wed seen, but as the worlds first curved screen smartphone it was a big step in the right galaxy foldable price The ZTE Axon M, marketed as the first foldable smartphone, is made of two displays attached by a mechanical hinge but it's almost 1. 5x thicker than Samsung's Galaxy S9. And if the size of the display is comparable to a tablet's, then we can assume the device will be closer in weight to a tablet, too.

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Samsung Galaxy X Release Date: Recent rumours suggest that foldable handsets built by Samsung will be ready by the end of 2017, and that prototypes are already well into development. However, theres no firm release date samsung galaxy foldable price Samsung Galaxy Note Wallpapers Free Download; Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus specification with price; Samsung Galaxy X Display. The Samsung X phone will comes with 6. 4 inch ultra HD super AMOLED display and two foldable 6. 5 inch QHD display both protected by gorilla glass. Initially, Samsungs first foldable smartphone will likely serve as a proof of concept but if the feedback the company receives is positive, the company will likely opt to introduce a much more mainstream model later on in the year alongside the Galaxy Note 10.