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2019-11-21 19:56

Two week ago, Chinese Pangu Jailbreak version for iOS was launched. Several days ago, the English version also came out. Are you ready to jailbreak? Or you want to take some reviews before jailbreak. Here we roundup some reviews for you. The tool wasn't as easy to use as many weve seen overA roundup of iOS 11 augmented reality apps. Augmented Reality (AR) support was one of the most notable features of iOS 11, which is compatible with iPhone 6s and newer. With iPad, it requires an iPad Pro (9. 7, 10. 5, or 12. 9 ios 9 roundup

The biggest iOS 9. 3 feature for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is the Night Shift feature, which is designed to make it easier for users to use their devices at

ios roundup

On September 16th iOS 9 was sent into the wild via overtheair or iTunes update. Right away users started to notice the update size is much smaller than iOS 8 Mar 08, 2018 Watch video iOS 12 is expected to be released in September 2018. Here is a breakdown of some of the rumored features that might be coming to iOS 12.ios 9 roundup Coming this Fall (possibly September) you can expect to see Apple rollout their free upgrade to iOS 9. There's been minor upgrades pretty much everywhere to help streamline CPU and GPU usage, and a host of updated app icons. Read on to learn more about some of the extensive new features and fixes that 9 brings to the

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With June already in full swing, the Apple world is gearing up for arguably the most exciting and important part of the year WWDC. Though Apple doesn't typically announce major new hardware announcements at WWDC anymore, the company's annual developers conference is still compelling because it's ios 9 roundup The successor to iOS 9 is iOS 10, which is currently in development and set to be released in the fall of 2016, as with prior operating system updates for the iPhone and iPad. iOS 10 is currently available to developers and full details on the new features in the update can be found in our dedicated iOS 10 roundup. Sep 16, 2015  iOS 9 is out today, but the real question is whether you should install it or wait for iOS 9. 1 to come out and fix the inevitable bugs? Weve scoured the web for some of the worlds most respected tech reviewers to give you a better idea about whether upgrading to iOS 9 is the right decision for