Wifi troubleshooting app android

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2019-12-05 18:05

Dec 09, 2016 An app's cached data can be deleted by going to Settings Apps, selecting a certain app, and choosing the Clear Cache option. Programs such as App Cache Cleaner and Clean Master, both of which are available for free from the Google Play store, can also be used to automate the process of clearing cache.WiFi network may not be able to provide ideal performance all the time that you expect. There are a bunch of Android apps for WiFi strength measure, DSL Speed Test, WiFi Network Analyze, WiFi Spectrum Analyze, etc. These Android Wireless Manager are available free from Google Play Store. wifi troubleshooting app android

In most cases, this will be WiFi (enabled and not used), GPS, a number of unnecessary apps running in the background, screen brightness set to maximum or ads from free apps and games for Android. You should also use some battery app to manage apps orand some Android app killer.

wifi troubleshooting app

WiFi Fixer is an amazing Android app that can help you here. The app resets your WiFi system files (same as when you reinstall the WiFi drivers in Windows, or you disable and enable the WiFi adapter) and services and helps you to connect to the network and obtain the IP address. Android devices all come with a WiFi connection, it is one of the most important components in a smartphone. However, we usually never need one of the dedicated WiFi apps for Android for anything. This article is not going to change that.wifi troubleshooting app android Troubleshoot WiFi connections on your Android phone WiFi connections can make using an Android phone a more robust experience. If those wireless connections aren't working, here are some WiFi troubleshooting tips for users with Android phones.

Free Wifi troubleshooting app android