Krispy kreme fundraiser application pdf

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Krispy Kreme's Fundraising programs assist organizations and businesses who raise funds to benefit the following types of causes: Educational, Religious, Community, orThe Fundraising pricing structure reflects Krispy Kremes commitment to helping our communities and is not designed to provide discounted pricing to individuals or groups to use our products for personal gain andor commercial profit or for any purpose other than those described below. krispy kreme fundraiser application pdf

Im selling Krispy Kreme products to raise money for Order Form CUSTOMER NAME AND ADDRESS# OF DOZENS AMOUNT COLLECTED TOTAL Check the product you are selling: Fresh Krispy Kreme doughnuts for a price of per box. 12 oz. Bags of Krispy Kreme Signature Coffee for a price of each.

krispy kreme fundraiser

ApplicAtion Form QuAliFicAtion reQuirements Krispy Kreme Fundraising programs and pricing structures are designed to assist nonprofit organizations and groups only. These programs reflect Krispy Kremes commitment to help our communities raise needed funds by offering our products at a discount. The products purchased are for resale only. Krispy Kreme FUNDRAISING works for groups of most any size. With very low minimum orders (usually 2550 items), your small group can easily hold a 1day sale direct to the public at sports events, community activities, and even outside local businesses (with their approval)anywhere hungry folks might gather can work!krispy kreme fundraiser application pdf Description: Organize and coordinate a Krispy Kreme fundraising. Appointed by the Committee Chair and serves at the satisfaction of the Committee Chair and the Troop Committee. Comments: Reports to: Committee Chair Term: Preference 23 years Qualifications Experience: Previous experience with any type of fundraising andor

Free Krispy kreme fundraiser application pdf

KRISPY KREME CANADA FUNDRAISING Application and Order Form Orders cannot be processed until this form is received For all doughnut orders of 100 dozen or more, Krispy Kreme requires 10 days advanced notice. Orders may not be modified or cancelled within 24 hours of production of the order. All orders must be pickedup at your local Krispy Kreme store at a prearranged date and time. Krispy krispy kreme fundraiser application pdf Dowload Krispy Kreme Fundraiser PreOrder Form. This form is used to help schools and organization as a source to raise funds. Organizations may print this form for the purpose of taking orders for doughnuts. Advanced order pricing is available for such purposes. In order to receive fundraising pricing, an organization must qualify as a nonprofit organization. Complete information below prior to beginning your fundraising sale. Additional information may be necessary to accommodate individual market requirements. Fundraising Krispy Kreme Application Form Fundraising Krispy Kreme Application Form Download a blank fillable Fundraising Krispy Kreme Application Form in PDF format just by clicking the DOWNLOAD PDF button.