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2019-10-22 03:25

Its a unique feature among iPhone addon lenses. Photojojo Lens Series: Magnets are cool; lenses not so much. Weve seen no end to the way addon lenses can be added to the iPhone: screwon, bayonetmount, even affixed carouselstyle to the case itself.The iPhone Telephoto Lens Photojojo's telephoto lens may look a bit silly, but it takes crisp, clear pictures just like a professional piece of equipment (plus, it even looks like a mini DSLR lens). Coupled with a collapsible tripod, the telephoto lens comes with a sleek, matte black iPhone case that you twist and secure your lens to. nikon iphone lens

iPhone lens adapter allows you to attach canon or nikon lenses to your apple phone. For more control of your photos and videos. Cool new tech innovation

nikon iphone lens

The Nikon Lenses app is a guide to Nikon's current lineup of FMount lenses used by both Nikon's digital and film SLR cameras. You can view all the lenses at once or you can view lenses in a selected category. The kit comes in Nikon and Canon flavors, so you can mount pretty much any Nikon lens ever made, or use any Canon lens manufactured since the 1980s (when Canon switched mounts). You can't remove your iPhone's own lens, of course, so this adapter comes with its own focussing screen, just like the one in your actual iphone lens The iPhone SLR Mount from Photojojo is essentially a phone case that acts as an adapter for either Nikon Fmount or Canon EFmount lenses (although it's not compatible with Canon EFS or FD lenses).

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The jacket is bulky enough that you won't want to leave it on your iPhone all the time, so you can't taken photos with your SLR lens in the spur of the moment. You have to plan. You have to use Turtleback's phototaking app, nikon iphone lens