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2019-08-20 03:31

Example 1: Clear specific event log types from the local computer PS C: \ ClearEventLog Windows PowerShell This command clears the entries from the Windows PowerShell event log on the local computer.I've seen various sources suggesting something like this to clear all event logs: wevtutil el ForeachObject WriteHost Clearing ; wevtutil cl clear application log

Under Windows 7 you open the Event Viewer to browse several categories. You can also clear a single category by clicking Clear Log on the right pane. Assuming I want to clear ALL categories, am I

clear application log

Anybody has an idea how to clear Applications and Services Logs using Powershell? I can easily clear the Windows Logs using ClearEventLog, but I can't get to clear a subfolder under Application Aug 09, 2018 Event Viewer: Clearing all System Logs I want to clear all my system logs to remove old corrected errors from the logs. Anyway, I cleared all the logs under Event Viewer but Administrative Events still has some OLD critical errors in it.clear application log Steps to Clear All Event Logs in Event Viewer in Windows 10. 1. Open Cortana, type eventvwr. msc and hit Enter. 2. In the left pane navigate to Windows Logs Application. 3. In the right panel, you will find Clear Log option. Tap on it. 4. Click Save and Clear or Clear. 5. The log is cleared.

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