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So the main first view Controller is in ViewController. swift and the second is in Stephen Fox Jun 11 '14 at 15: 45 Show the code you actually used that's giving you the black screen. rdelmar Jun 11 '14 at 15: 46Custom UIViewController Transitions: Getting Started. Richard Critz on November 1, 2017. Check out the video for this tutorial here. Update note: This tutorial has been updated to iOS 11 and Swift 4 by Richard Critz. The original tutorial was written by Jzsef Vesza. iOS delivers some nice view controller transitions push, pop, cover ios fade in modal view controller

Reproduction Steps: Launch the app Tap on Present view controller Tap the done button Black screen appears I think I found the place where the problem seems to be. In iOS 8 [transitionContext seems to be doing

ios fade in

How can I animate the transition between two modal view controllers? Hot Network Questions Logic Member of an inductive set that is not a member of the set of theorems in a formal system? If you run the code and present the modal view controller, that'll work just fine. The problem occurs when you try to dismiss the presented view controller. The whole app will turn to a black screen of deathios fade in modal view controller Learn how to create custom view controller presentation transitions and spice up the navigation of your iOS apps!

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In iOS 5. x, modal presentations can use four transition styles: SlideThis transition style slides a new view over the old. ; FadeThis transition style dissolves the new view into visibility. ; FlipThis transition style turns a view over to the back of the presentation. ; CurlThis transition style makes the primary view curl up out of the way to reveal the new view ios fade in modal view controller iOS supports custom transitions between view controllers. In this tutorial you'll implement a UIViewController transition animation like the Ping app. A modal passcode input and validation view controller for iOS. is an opensource UIViewController subclass that will overlay a fullscreen passcode UI over an app's content. The user must enter the correct password into it in order to proceed, or hit 'Cancel' to exit the Presenting Fullscreen Modal View controller from PageSheet Modal View Controller on iPad Hot Network Questions Our GM canceled our game for severe metagaming was it cheating per Adventurers League rules?