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Saw an app on someones phone which showed wind direction at ground level, using numerous small arrows that I assume were an overlay of some type.The Deer Log merges weather, wind mapping, solunar times, tides, hourly barometric changes, and logbook features into one app. Deer Log automatically captures time, date, GPS location, weather details, and wind and moon info at time of sighting and enables realtime deer logging in drop downs with no typing. hunting app that shows wind direction

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The iSolunar Hunting& Fishing Times app is packed with valuable features such as: location entry, major and minor feeding patterns, day ratings, sunrise and sunset, and weather predictions. Its the allinone app that does what you need it to. Get the Wind Direction App: The Wind Direction for Deer Hunting Deer Windfinder allows you to visualize the current wind direction at your exact hunting spot making it simple to plan your deer hunt.hunting app that shows wind direction The HuntStand app is a hunting land management tool that works whether or not you have a mobile signal. The patent pending HuntZone tools can calculate your scent zone based on wind direction, speed, distance, and time.

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Aug 11, 2018 ScoutLook Hunting App OverviewScoutLook Hunting is a free hunting weather app with an interactive GPS map. Hunters can use the app to get: pinpoint global weather forecasts, GPS property lines and landowner information, distance and area measurement tools, deer and other game logging tools, and much more! hunting app that shows wind direction Best Android apps for: wind direction Best Wind Direction apps for iOS Filter by: Free weather apps accurate weather weather application useful information An accurate weather forecsting app that also includes wind speed and direction Free 5. 8 82K ratings Weather& Radar. Weather I also like being able to include wind speed Aug 10, 2018 HuntStand, the# 1 free hunting app in the world, is the only hunting and land management app you will ever need. This revolutionary app is packed with invaluable mapping, weather, tracking, and social features. HuntStand was carefully designed to work in both online and offline environments. Feb 05, 2011  Never again, with this handy app from the mobile app team at Primos Hunting. No matter what game you are hunting, knowing the wind direction and speed are crucial to keeping the upper hand. This app will provide you with the wind direction and speed for your current location in a simple, intuitive way using your iPhone's built in