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A data plan is required to use a blackberry phone. It does not matter where you get the phone. When you activate it on Verizon you'll be prompted to add a data plan.Nov 23, 2011 code in 5 minutes step by step how to remove Activation Required from Sprint BlackBerry Get MSLSPC Sprint Code also change blackberry activation required verizon

Sep 17, 2009 disable activation required Blackberry storm 9500 9530 Only Thank you word require

blackberry activation required

Refer to Perform OvertheAir Activation. and Perform a Register Now for assistance. The device must have an active account on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and have Enterprise Activation enabled for this process to be successful. Feb 18, 2015  Re: How to activate BlackBerry 9630 Verizon SuzyQ Feb 18, 2015 9: 21 AM (in response to nathydad255) If you have a Verizon account, and the phone isblackberry activation required verizon Remove SIM Card BlackBerry Bold 9930 Instructions on insertingremoving your SIM can help with activation issueserrors, browser connection problems and a blankfrozen screen. Don't attempt to remove the SIM

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Enjoy and we hope that this will remove that dreaded activation required message on your Blackberry Tour or Blackberry Storm. If you need to unlock your Blackberry Tour or Blackberry Storm, please visit us here to get your Blackberry unlock code. 1. ) Press# # send. 2. ) Enter your phone number, 3. ) Press menu save. blackberry activation required verizon Jul 02, 2018  Steps On How To Remove Activation Required From Blackberry Phones Phones Nairaland. Nairaland Forum ScienceTechnology Phones Steps On How To Remove Activation Required From Blackberry Phones ( Views) Blackberry Activation Required bold sprint My Bold 5(sprint Branded) Displayed May 24, 2018 Hello, I av a sprint blackberry 9930 that has Activation Required on the screen. Pls how can u help remove it? I live in Lagos Aug 24, 2011 I need help to remove the activation required on a sprint unit 9930. I've sent an email to but it kept bouncing. I need the MSLSPC code and instructions. thanks.