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2019-08-24 05:00

Riot please respond (DaoPay is terrible South Africans are suffering) Riot please respond (DaoPay is terrible South Africans are suffering) Again nothing was announced by Riot to clarify that mobile payments will be continued in South Africa. but that is not the real problem. . The real problem is now from R100 for 985RP to R100 for 730RPJun 12, 2011  Im here to ask riot team about enabling sms payment option for riot point in these areas because lots of your players that play this game in these areas are still younger than 18 years old and cant use credit card or paypall options or their parents just forbid them to use these options most of my friends would like to buy riot points lol riot points mobile payment

League of Legends Riot Points, cheap half price 50 3, 540 Riot Points for 15 USD, We are excited to announce that we now provide riot points for all servers, we will deliver your order within 24 hours

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So pay close attention, you're just a few minutes away from getting yourself some precious Riot points! Watch Out For Free RP Generators If you Google League of Legends Free RP then youll instantly be greeted by several free RP websites. Mobile Payment is an easytouse payment method in which you complete transactions by sending text messages. All transactions go throughlol riot points mobile payment League of Legends employs a similar method as gPotato with a different currency known as Riot Points. Due to the games vast popularity, a number of payment methods have popped up for League of Legends:

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I then tried to use this to buy 10s worth of Riot Points. I managed to get to the Confirm payment text but it costs 10p to send the confirmation text so the payment wont go through because ive got 9. 90 credit. lol riot points mobile payment Jun 24, 2011  I have a question about the mobile payment, I use a phone where you buy a set amount of minutes and you use those for texting, calling, online seaching, so I was wondering if I were to buy Riot Points through this phone will it deduct minutes or will it decuct from the card buying the minutes because I can use spare minutes to buy points Jan 18, 2014 you have to choose how many riot point you want to have, after that you have to type in your mobile phone number and in a few seconds you will get a sms. there is a code, which you have to type in to end it.