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Application of a Thomas Splint 20 August 2013. To view this video, please SIGN IN or Register FREE. How to set up a Thomas splint. User comments: Review By firasarnaout. Aug 20, 2013. This Video is from manchester Medical School& Lancashire Teaching Hospitals. Flag This Post; Review By firasarnaout. Aug 20, 2013.Jul 29, 2011 Veterinary Videos [Surgery Application of Thomas Splint in a Dog with Fractured femur. . Tweet. Dear Unregistered, Our website is running of fund necessary for maintenance. Your donation is much appreciated. Donate Now; Notice: This is an old thread. The last post was 2578 days ago. If your post is not directly related to this application of thomas splint video

The Thomas splint: Its origins and use in trauma. Article (PDF Available) Apart from saving lives, application of the Thomas splint is stated to have the following benefits: reduction of bleeding from the fracture site, reduction of pain,

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Instructions for application of Thomass splint (catalogue reference: AIR 2136) The instructions for application contain the following suggestions as to when it should be applied: For all fractures of the thigh bone, except where there is an extensive wound in the upper part of thigh or buttock, which would interfere with the fitting of the ring The Thomas splint is usually applied for fractures of the femur. In combination with traction, the Thomas splint is used to stabilize the femoral fracture. In this presentation the application of the Thomas splint will be demonstrated.application of thomas splint video Medical definition of Thomas splint: a metal splint for fractures of the arm or leg that consists of a ring at one end to fit around the upper arm or leg and two metal shafts extending down the sides of the limb in a long U with a crosspiece at the bottom where traction is applied. VIDEO; MORE. WORD OF THE DAY VIDEO WORDS AT

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This is a video made by 5th year UCT medical students on the application of a Thomas splint for femur fracture management. application of thomas splint video