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2019-08-20 16:09

Using smart mobile studio to develop a mobile application, I figured out I also need phone gap for further deployment of the application to my mobile device. If I only want to distribute my mobileDec 08, 2015  Hey guys, I am wondering how good Lazarus is in the web and mobile fields. I know that delphi has Intraweb, which seems to be pretty close to the most pupular ones (PHP and Java) and also compile its application lazarus mobile application

Recently Lazarus has developed a web and iOS mobile application that automates the order management process for the Great Bay sales and service teams. Lazarus integrated with the Great Bay inventory management system to provide real time order reports to the sales reps while they are in the field.

lazarus mobile application

Would Lazarus be a good choice to write native apps for these mobile devices? I have done some mobile development in Visual Studio in May 13, 2012 The video shows how to create an iOS application with Lazarus using the xibdesigner plugin that I am working on.lazarus mobile application Knowing general Android programming can be very useful to help develop the Lazarus Android Interface. (TMobile G2) HTC Desire HD HTC Droid Incredible HTC EVO 4G, EVO Shift 4G to obtain the data directory for the application and this routine in my HTC Wildfire returns datadata

Free Lazarus mobile application

Unfortunately, the company currently only supplies mobile phone apps to access the Foobot fpctwitGUI is a Lazarus application that demonstrates use of the included TTwitterTOauth1 libraries. It demonstrates getting public and private timeline tweets, getting user info, and tweeting. lazarus mobile application Windows. This is a quick tutorial on how to create android apps with Lazarus. In this tutorial assume used versions JDK 1. 6u45 SDK ndkr9