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This Precedent letter can be used to seek clearance in advance under sections 138 and 139(5) TCGA 1992, section 701 ITA 2007 and section 748 CTA 2010 for a share exchange, scheme of reconstruction or transaction in securities.Annexure 3 DISCLOSURE OF TRANSACTIONS (To be submitted within 2 days of transaction trading in securities of the Company) To, The Compliance Officer, clearance application transaction in securities

Transactions in securities clarification from HMRC on clearance applications Posted on February 12, 2016 by David Reynolds The changes proposed to the transactions in securities (TIS) provisions in the draft Finance Bill 2016 created significant uncertainty around the clearance procedure.

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Indeed in view of the narrow scope of the TIS rules it is advance clearance requests that have typically kept HMRC busy and not counteractions as each year thousands of clearance requests are made with the numbers seemingly on the increase. HMRC will not give clearances or advice for the application of the settlements legislation in Chapter 5 Part 5 Income Tax (Trading and Other Income) Act 2005 or the tax consequences of executing noncharitable trust deeds or settlements.clearance application transaction in securities tions in securities (s701, Income Tax Act 2007). Timing el of detail required in the clearance application. the facilities for a pretransaction clearance are there to give taxpayers certainty. HMRC cannot demand that you apply for a clearance

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Transactions in securities: tax antiavoidance Meaning of transaction in securities. 3 Income tax rules from 24 March 2010. Receipt of consideration in connection with distribution by or assets of UKnonUK close company. The clearance application process. What if HMRC refuses to give clearance? clearance application transaction in securities It follows that a clearance application would not be appropriate unless it is limited to the application of specific rules in the legislation where there is genuine uncertainty about their application to a specific proposed transaction. Transactions in Securities. The transactions in securities legislation does provide a statutory clearance This letter provides a format for an application for clearance under section 701 of the Income Tax Act 2007 and section 748 of the Corporation Tax Act 2010. submit a statutory clearance application (the clearance procedure would remain unchanged, although submitting them would seemingly defeat one of the objectives of HMRCs proposals); or proceed with the transaction(s), fully disclose them on the tax return as appropriate as a Capital Gain, and hope for the best.