Smartphone consumer segments

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2019-08-25 11:14

Track the tools of Smartphone Consumers. Tracking over 500 smartphones to cover the entire market from low to high end to feature devices5, 000. 00 Consumer Segmentation: Mobile App Users analyzes the market for tablet and smartphone apps, including the number of downloads, expenditures, inapp purchases, and app use. It segments and analyzes consumers according to their smartphone consumer segments

While customer segmentation for mobile services is typically based on demographics and reported use, smartphone measurement software enables to add directly observed user behavior. This explorative paper develops customer segmentation on relevant metrics from the perspective of network operators, handset manufacturers, and application

smartphone consumer segments

Experian Marketing Services has released a report [download page segmenting US smartphone owners into 7 groups, ranging from the hyperconnected prodigies (who make up 5 of the smartphone population) to the lowusage talkers (who make up 13 of users and tend to skew older). When looking at smartphone owners by age, penetration is highest among Millennials aged 1824, 98 of whom own smartphones. Millennials aged 2534 are right on their heels, with a 97 ownership rate, followed by Gen Xers aged 3544 at 96, making smartphones nearly ubiquitous among these generational segments.smartphone consumer segments Smartphone Segmentation by Usage: The first major segment of the smartphone market consists of those consumers that use smartphones as a

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