Correct application of tourniquet

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Tourniquet Cuff Application Proper Tourniquet Cuff Application: After the patient is brought into the OR, apply the tourniquet cuff at the desired location on the limb, pressurized within the appropriate pressure range for an appropriate period of time.Correct use of tourniquet devices have been shown to save lives under austere conditions with comparatively low risk of injury. In field trials, prompt application of emergency tourniquets before the patient goes into shock are associated with higher survival rates than any other scenario where tourniquets were used later or not at all. correct application of tourniquet

Placing the Improvised Tourniquet. (1) Place the tourniquet around the limb, between the wound and the body trunk (or between the wound and the heart). Place the tourniquet 2 to 4 inches from the edge of the wound site.

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Principles of Tourniquet Application If it is deemed necessary to apply a tourniquet either because the necessity of the situation dictates or because the simple measures are not sufficient; it is imperative that the tourniquet is applied appropriately. Apr 14, 2014 A civilian friendly instructional video on the proper way to apply a tourniquet from David King, MD, trauma and acute care surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital.correct application of tourniquet Tourniquet Application Elimination of distal artery flow is the primary purpose of a tourniquet. Any tourniquet that cannot stop arterial flow is not effective. 1 One precursor to the tourniquet was the use of tight bandages placed proximal to the point of surgical amputation. 5 Most commercially manufactured tourniquets are designed for quick

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The video demonstrates proper application of a Tourniquet to arms and legs, as well as preparation of the tool so it's always ready to go. Hopefully you never have to use these skills, but it's always better to be prepared. correct application of tourniquet