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Download the tools you need to create your own app and publish it to The Windows Phone MarketplaceSilverlight 8. 1 apps can also be configured to act as Providers the app the user chooses to complete sharing, or to picksave a file Share Target App the user selects in the Share picker UI to receive content another app is ahring windows phone 8 silverlight app

Dec 03, 2014  This link Upgrade Windows Phone 8 apps to Windows Phone Silverlight 8. 1 only says that: In Windows Phone 8, you can specify a DLL as an OutOfProcessServer for ActivatableClasses. This is acceptable in the WMAppManifest. xml, but a DLL is not acceptable in the AppX manifest, and it fails

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The Windows Dev Center has a porting guide to help you manually migrate your Windows Phone Silverlight apps to UWP. In this post, well look at automated migrations using the Mobilize. NETs Silverlight bridge, which is available to automate parts of the migration process of your code from Silverlight 8. x to UWP. The tool will Windows Phone Silverlight 8. 1 is a 'continuation' of Windows Phone 8 Apps (apart from native apps and some exceptions, most of WP8. 0 apps were Silverlight 8. 0). It gives more possibilites with little change to your code, you can read more here at MSDN:windows phone 8 silverlight app When you port your Windows Phone Silverlight app to a Windows 10 app, you'll be able to catch up on the mobile features that were introduced in Windows Phone 8. 1, and go far beyond them to use the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) whose app model and UI framework are universal across all Windows 10 devices. That makes it possible to

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Using AdDuplex for Windows Phone 8 Silverlight app October 13, 2014 October 14, 2014 Vivek Maskara Advertising, Monetizing, Windows Phone 13, 179 views AdDuplex is a crosspromotion network specifically targeted at Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps and games. You add our AdControl to your application and start serving ads for other apps windows phone 8 silverlight app Nov 02, 2014 Microsoft Silverlight on Windows Phone 8 Why has Microsoft not developed Silverlight for the Windows Phone? this will undoubtedly drive people back to iPhone or android if they cannot access their media streams which require Silverlight. With the release of Windows Phone 8. 1 last year, we introduced the concept of universal Windows apps. Windows 10 will build on our commitment to provide a common Windows platform with one API layer (WinRT) and Windows Phone 8. 1 protects existing developers' investments by fully supporting Windows Phone Silverlight. This session looks at what issues must be considered when upgrading Silverlight 8. 0 apps to Silverlight 8. 1, including behavioral changes introduced by the quirks API, app lifecycle changes, and more.