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Echo is the sound of your own voice reverberating in the telephone receiver while you are talking. If the echos amplitude is low, it goes unnoticed, and is not problematic in the conversation; however, if the echo interval exceeds approximately 25 milliseconds (ms), it becomes audible to the speaker.How can the answer be improved? voice echo on telephone

Connect your home phone to your compatible Echo device to call any phone number, using just your voice Echo Connect uses your existing home phone service (landline or VoIP) to make and receive calls (carrier charges may apply).

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The basic cause of echo during a cell phone conversation is from sidetone, a process that allows you to hear your own voice in your cell phone's speaker as you talk to make the call more comfortable for you otherwise the line would seem dead to you. If you want to receive calls from regular numbers, youll need the new 35 Connect box that Amazon unveiled on Wednesday, which also allows you to use your homevoice echo on telephone Its most likely your echo is caused by the farend point. The loudness of the echo on VoIP calls is no worse than PSTN calls. The difference is that because of the inherent delay induced by VoIP, echo is much more noticeable. Remember, for echo to be noticeable it has to be both loud AND delayed.

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Echo Analysis Overview. In a voice telephone call, an echo occurs when you hear your own voice repeated. An echo is the audible leakthrough of your own voice into your own receive (return) path. This document discusses basic concepts applicable to echo analysis, explains echo cancellation, and provides a process for locating and voice echo on telephone David and Danildarul have provided great answers here. There are 2 more reasons why you might hear an echo: The other person has their phone on speaker phone. So you voice is travelling from the speaker of their phone and back into the microphone. Most modern phones are able to cancel this out, but older phones dont. Hi Susan Yoder. If you have a second mic (should be small hole at the top of the phone) try tape over the hole. If not, if you go to youtube and search for cell phone echo problem fixpro256 (probably dont need the quotes) there is a