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Retina iPad mini (top left), original iPad mini (top right), iPad Air (bottom left), and iPhone 5s (bottom right). Text, on the other hand, scales and reflows as best it can to suit whatever density and screen size is available.The upper right corner of the home screen shows Bluetooth connectivity status and the iPad's battery state. The Bluetooth logo appears black when a device is connected and gray when inactive. The Bluetooth logo appears black when a device is connected and gray when inactive. symbols on ipad mini screen

A number of icons on the standby display show different settings. Follow these easy instructions to getting to know the display icons. The

symbols on ipad

Bluetooth: This icon indicates the current state of your iPads Bluetooth connection. If you see this icon on the status bar, Bluetooth is on and a device (such as a wireless headset or keyboard) is connected. Once you set your iPad's Home screen icons, rearrange or group them into folders so that you can organize your businessrelated apps and make them easier to find. Creating Web Clips. 1. Launch the Safari Web browser app on your iPad. 2.symbols on ipad mini screen Jul 16, 2013 The keyboard shrinks, undocks from the bottom of the screen, and splits into two halves appearing on the left and right sides of the screen. When you hold the iPad in two hands, you can use your thumbs to tap keys as you enter text.

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If you have the iPad 3rd generation or later, or iPad mini, and have the WiFi Cellular model, or have the iPhone 5, it may also say LTE in the upper left. LTE is another type of cellular connection, like 3G and 4G, and is the fastest connection available. symbols on ipad mini screen Ive no WiFi on my ipad mini. When I click on it, it shows that the signals strong but theres a symbol a blue circle, with a blue exclamation mark in it. The iPad has a builtin keyboard that appears whenever youre in a textentry location, such as a Search field or email message. Follow these steps to practice using the iPads onscreen keyboard: Tap the Notes icon on the Home screen to open this easytouse notepad. Tap the note. Type a few words using the keyboard. When you are in any application (or app as applications for iPad and iPhone are known) you simply press the home button to return to the home screen, where youll see all your app icons. If you have multiple home screens (which you will if you start adding more apps to your iPad) pressing on the home screen will take you back to the screen