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2020-04-04 16:53

Theres a reason why iPhones get slower after every iOS update By Mike Murphy December 21, 2017 Have you ever noticed that after a year or so, it feels like your iPhone is just a bit slower?Sep 16, 2016  iOS 10: Is YOUR iPhone slower after Apple's latest software update? AS iOS 10 rolls out across the globe, searches for iPhone slow have spiked online as concerned Apple smartphone owners try to frantically find phone slow after ios update

How to troubleshoot iPhone 6s thats running very slow after iOS 11 update Below are things you can do to try and make your iPhone 6s run fast again. Performance issues that occur after an update can easily be fixed and one of the methods below may be able to help you with that.

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Apple is catching some heat over the release of the new iOS 11. A litany of iPhone users are reporting experiencing a significant drop in performance after updating to the latest version of Apples mobile operating system. . The issues range from reduced battery life to noticeably slower app performance, according to numerous posters on Soon after the iOS 10 update arrived we started to see users wondering if slow iOS 10 performance is something Apple does to convince users to upgrade to a new iPhone. Apple is now offering iOS to users as an over the air update. It includes bug fixes and the stability of your iPhone and iPad as well as specific fixes for Lightningphone slow after ios update Last month Apple rolled out its latest iOS update and since then users have been getting used to the new features like screen recording, new emojis and some unexpected consequences like poor battery life and a lagging phone as well.

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First things first: after you update your iPhone to iOS 11, dont panic. Your phone is going to slow down and your battery life will take a hit for at least a day or two as your phone reindexes. After that, youll see a marked improvement in phone slow after ios update