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Theres an app for everything now, and there are dozens that try to help you make, save and manage money. ET lists some personal finance apps that can do wonders for your wallet. ET lists some personal finance apps that can do wonders for your wallet.Take Control of Your Finances With These Essential Apps this app provides a unified platform for all your financial work. The app can track your income and expenses, and also investments, and it can integrate data from different banks as well. The basic app is free, but can only be used to manage two accounts you can sign up for more financial management app india

Top 5 Best Expense Tracker& Money management apps in India to track monthly spends, check bank account balances without internet& plan budget on Mobiles

financial management app

Oct 15, 2014  This budget and asset management app has many additional features besides the usual management. It allows users to manage debit and credit cards and provides for automatic transfer between assets for optimal utilization of available resources. Besides that, it comes with passcode to keep all the confidential Money ManagementCashiya is a simple, powerful, fast and easy application for Income, Spend& Personal finance Management with a precise user interface. This app is designed in such a way, which not only makes budgeting easier and convenient, but a lot more interactive& exciting for management app india Best Investment Portfolio Management Software Top 6 Free and Paid Portfolio Tracker Software. 2017 RANKING& REVIEWS PAID& FREE INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE. The Top 6 Best Investment Software in 2017 Paid& Free Portfolio Trackers& Management Software Applications. Whether you are an individual looking for paid or free personal financial portfolio management

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Dec 28, 2016 What the Apps Know About Your Money Many personal finance apps extract realtime data from your financial accounts, including savings and checking accounts, investment services, lenders, and credit cards. The information they pull helps to paint the most accurate portrait of your finances on the fly. financial management app india 5 Best Money Management Apps in India 1. mTrakr Money Manager App mTrakr is a Money Management App which not only helps you manage your Wealth but also helps in managing your income and expenses. The mTrakr App is a very comprehensive app and covers all aspects of personal finance and covers all the day to day needs of a Goodbudget is an app that brings the timetested envelope budgeting method into your smartphone. The users can create envelopes for each of their budget category think groceries, transportation, shopping, etc. and predetermine how much they're going to allocate in each envelope. Your smartphone will help you in this situation for better money management. There are many money management and expense tracking apps which automatically