Virgin mobile transfer airtime to data

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Sep 02, 2013  Converting Virgin mobile monthly airtime to data Join us now. It is free, and it takes less than 1 minute to register. ItVirgin Mobile reserves the right, without notice or limitation, to terminate individual calls, offer a different service plan with no unlimited usage components, limit data throughput speeds or quantities, deny, terminate, end, modify, disconnect or suspend service, andor decline to renew service, if in its sole discretion, Virgin Mobile determines such action virgin mobile transfer airtime to data

Technical Support This is the boring tech support section. These are the things you may think you dont need to know, until you need to know them. These are the things you may think you dont need to know, until you need to know them.

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If youre a prepaid user on one of South Africas mobile phone networks, chances are that you use a USSD code every day. Whenever you check your airtime, load more airtime or request a call from someone who has more airtime than you, youre using a virgin mobile ussd codes virgin mobile convert airtime to data. virgin mobile ussd codes. Manage airtime. Manage airtime 102# check balance 101# voucher recharge 102 pin# transfer airtime 1022# recharge me 1023# . His answer indicated that for all he KNEW I might be from the Temple of Issus and in it were men like unto myself. If you have thevirgin mobile transfer airtime to data Virgin mobile airtime transfer to data If im connected to wifi on my android, am i still using my internet data, or is it all on the wifi? How i can connect my samsung galaxy core when the mobile data is enable but not connected to internet eventhough i am using my internet connection

Free Virgin mobile transfer airtime to data

Unlimited Data Minutes Texts for cable customers: Unlimited plan is for Virgin TV, fibre or home phone customers only, includes unlimited data, and unlimited minutes and texts allowance to inclusive UK numbers for as long as you remain a Virgin TV, fibre or home phone customer. Includes UK calls to UK landlines (01, 02, 03)& UK mobile virgin mobile transfer airtime to data You can request Airtime to be transferred to you from another Virgin Mobile Customer via USSD by dialling 1023# and entering the phone number of the Virgin Mobile Customer who will be transferring Airtime to you. This is called a Recharge Me. There is a limit of 1 Recharge Me request per day. To transfer airtime from one virgin mobile to another kindly follow these following steps. First, remove the battery of your phone then write down the DEC number that is found underneath the battery. Call Virgin Mobiles customer support number at and ask for a live adviser then tell them that you want to swap phones. Airtime transfer is FREE. Any Virgin Mobile customer can transfer airtime from your mobile to another Virgin Mobile number. Check that you have available airtime balance in order to transfer. Airtime transfers cannot be reversed once its sent. Make sure that the number and amount is entered correctly.