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2019-10-18 06:10

2. What are the equipments required to use O. N. E. Phone? A mobile handset and Integrated Access Device (IAD)IP Phone. 3. What are the key benefits of O. N. E. Phone? Advanced technology An integrated communication that is a converged both Mobile and Fixed line. Customers get full standard PSTN functions with local calls,StarHub office phone solutions. Digital solutions for all your voice and communications needs. Expect to achieve cost savings& greater operational efficiency. starhub business telephone line

Offline Line Promotions With fibre Broadband the same business phone lines, at a much lower price. Check out our different plans. Check out our different plans.

starhub business telephone

Office Line Enjoy superior and integrated voice and data connectivity reach. Contact Us Today. Mobile Business Support Get in touch with StarHub support no matter where in the world you are. Support is ready to assist you. Contact Us business telephone line StarHub Support What can we help you with? Browse for Mobile, TV, Broadband, and voice support topics. Browse for Mobile, TV, Broadband, and voice support topics.

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Contact us to find out more about Business Enquiry. Leave us your contact details and we'll be in touch with you or Call Us today 1800 888 8888. starhub business telephone line We use cookies on StarHub. com to provide a user experience thats more tailored to you. If you continue, you are giving your consent to receive cookies only on this site. To decline cookies at any time, simply adjust your browser settings. Read our Data Protection Policy.